David Panich is a state-licensed professional with the education, training and experience to help you navigate the complicated web of site selection, zoning requirements, building codes, design options, contractors, bidding, and technical elements that make up the building construction process.

He can help you realize your vision for your project while coordinating the process from design through construction and occupancy.   A creative problem solver, he has specific knowledge and experience relating to the art and science of building.  David Panich can help you realize an  exciting, dynamic building design to live, work or play in while balancing the multiple requirements of function, aesthetics, budget, energy, environment, and life safety.

A good design solution adds value to many elements of a project, such as:

  • A well-designed office can increase the productivity of workers.
  • A comfortable, well-lit classroom can improve the performance of students.
  • An innovative retail design can help sell more goods and attract more      customers.
  • Efficient use of space can result in a smaller building footprint that will be less      expensive to construct, thus lowering the initial cost.
  • The conservation of energy by incorporating high-performance insulating      strategies,  the capture of daylight and solar energy and incorporation of energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems, thus lowering operating costs.

And ultimately, an energy efficient, low maintenance, durable and attractive building will have a higher selling price.

Contact David Panich, AIA, Architect to help you with a well-designed project that meets your needs and works with your budget and time frame.

e-mail:  david@panicharchitecture.com – telephone:  740-591-9901